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User registration, login, single-sign-on (SSO), data migration…

Policy Management

Create, publish & annual policy review work lifecycle. Map policies to frameworks and regulations

Compliance Management

Setup compliance programs for internal testing, continuous evidence collection, & monitoring mitigations

Risk Management

Categorize risks for hierarchy reporting, analysis, & metric monitoring

Vendor Management

Process third party risks through onboarding, risk assessments, & mitigations to ensure  risk metrics and compliance for external risks are managed

Business Continuity Management

Conduct business impact analysis for critical processes & assets for business resiliency, disaster recovery planning

Issue Management

Report any risk by creating findings for risk analysis, mitigation, and monitoring for the overall operation

Release Notes

Check release schedule & release notes

Certification Training

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Demo Scripts

Demo scripts and accounts for partner and customer use

API Documentation

Get api intructions for authentication, operations, object and field api names

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CyberOne Automated User Provisioning and De-provisioning from Azure Active Directory

CyberOne supports automation for user provisioning and de-provisioning from Azure Active Directory for both users on the Portal and Platform. Before you start, please consider the plans: In order to take advantage of this automation job, you must implement Azure AD...

Azure AD Single-Sign-On for CyberOne Portal

CyberOne supports Single-Sign On (SSO) with Microsoft Azure Active Directory for both CyberOne Portal and the CyberOne Salesforce Platform. Before you get started, here are some background: CyberOne Portal SSO is a multi-tenant app using OAuth 2.0 protocol CyberOne...

BitSight Integration with CyberOne

    CyberOne's Open API platform integrates with most modern business systems. Here are five easy steps to connect your platform to BitSight for Vendor Continuous Monitoring. 1. A BitSight license (purchased separately) is required to integrate with...

Slack Integration

CyberOne has the ability to send findings to your company’s Slack account to alert users to improve productivity and collaboration. The alert is sent when Finding > Send Notification is clicked. The alert will give basic finding information and a link to the...

1.31.0 Release Notes (Feb 27, 2021)

Bugs CS-797 [Workflow Email] Change from Sender to Send from CyberOne Support CS-808 [Policy] On Next Review Date, kick off email alert to initiate workflow Features CS-809 [Policy] Add Internal Control to Policies CS-803 [Control Library] Add Assessment Answers...

How to differentiate System Login vs User Login?

1. System access should authenticate with a secret key. a. Authentication can be username+ password + secret key. b. Or use an API key + secret key for programmatic authentication. 2. User login should have unique identification (no shared accounts) and password. For...

Document Request in V1 Portal to show previously provided DR records

When a document request goes to the Evidence Owner, is there a way to show what was previously provided? When document request goes out, the ECI Primary Contacts and Additional Contacts will get them. In their portal, they will see all DR history that was submitted....

Evidence Collection Workflow

Q. Evidence Checklist: What happens if Ashley wants to upload evidence now and set the collection date for the future? How do we kick off automation? Kick off evidence from past date: Whatever evidence date you want to upload, set that Evidence Start and End Date and...

Internal Control > Primary Contact field type

Q. The Primary Contact lookup for IC currently points to Lite Users not Power Users. A. Power users can be lite users but not the other way around. There is no duplicate in billing. Primary Contact in Internal Control is a Contact because some controls are not managed...

Security Assessment Policy Sample

Policy & Procedures The Company must establish, document, and disseminate a board approved this policy for security assessments to manage threats that are identified THE COMPANY’S environment. Vulnerability Governance and Accountability The Company must establish...