Nexpose integration provides CyberOne customer to do the following:

a. Integrate with your Nexpose vulnerability scanner

b. Dynamically pull Nexpose assets

c. Dynamically pull Nexpose asset vulnerabilities

d. Allow you to see vulnerability details

e. Allow you to manage the finding and mitigation for vulnerabilities


  • Vulnerabilities will never be duplicates
  • Assets can be rescanned multiple times
  • A link is provided in CyberOne to access details of the asset and vulnerabilities in Nexpose
  • Automate pre-populated finding details on the vulnerability when deeming necessary for risk mitigation
  • Automate workflow from CyberOne issue management to send alerts for all outstanding mitigation tasks
  • Pre-built reporting and dashboard for managing security vulnerabilities
  • Pre-built template for managing risks


  1. Confirm your order for the API subscription. Contact support@cb1security.com to process your order.
  2. Provide CyberOne the following authentication detail:
    1. Username
    2. Password
    3. Nexpose URL
  3. If your Nexpose instance requires IP Whitelisting, the CyberOne’s Nexpose API endpoint is:
    1. Protocol: TCP
    2. Port 3780
    3. IP: